Three Ways You Can Help

Donate to our General Fund or to a Project

Without your financial support, Kids Boost would not be possible. Your donations will directly impact local charities while also impacting the life of a child.

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Donate Your Time as a Volunteer Coach

Our Kids Boost projects couldn't happen without dedicated adults willing to invest their time and experience to help a Kid Booster project succeed!

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Donate Your Talents and Resouces

Kids Boost always needs help from volunteers with various talents and skills.  We also have a wish list of in-kind gifts that would be great contributions!

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Donate to our General Fund or to a Project

Thank you for your interest in boosting the life of a child, while also boosting funds for an important cause! As you learn more about Kids Boost, you will see that we are not your traditional charity. We are an organization that empowers children to turn your donation into more.

Your donation to Kids Boost will equip a child to get creative, get entrepreneurial, and get busy doing something tangible to help an organization in their community or anywhere in the world.

Imagine if a $100 donation turned into $2000 for a local charity?  That's a 1900% return on your investment, not counting the return in the life of the child, which actually may be an even higher return!

Donate to Kids Boost

When you donate to the Kids Boost General Fund, you are giving a child the opportunity to start their project and begin to make a difference in the world. Your money will be given as start-up funds so that it can be multiplied for a non-profit organization in the community. So your generous donation will be turned into more, while also teaching children invaluable lessons.

Kids Boost would not be possible without financial support of the general fund.

Donate to a Project

You can donate directly to a Kids Boost participant’s unique project. When you donate to a specific project, you are supporting the goals of a Kids Booster, along with their chosen charity.

All funds will run through Kids Boost and will be donated to the child's chosen charity according to our "pay it forward" model:  80% goes the the charity and 20% goes back to Kids Boost to fund other projects.  

Praise from Donors

Juliet Veal

Kids Boost is an amazing nonprofit that is so easy to get behind! I chose to donate because I know with 100% certainty that my money is being used to the fullest potential possible!  My donation is not only improving the lives of many but also helping individual kids learn the importance of giving back.” - Juliet Veal

courtney park

“I love the inspiration behind Kids Boost! Rather than just giving money to a charity I would give to anyway, I am investing in a child and helping them learn to be philanthropic as well. Plus the charity still gets the money, so it’s win-win all around.” - Courtney Park

Ready to invest in a child and in a charity?

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Donate time as a volunteer coach

A Kids Boost coach is an adult who has graciously volunteered their time and passion to help a child give back to the world. We all know that kids don’t always want to go to their parents for advice, so a coach offers answers to questions, suggestions, encouragement and so forth. The coach will be the child’s cheerleader and a great resource along the way.

A coach is assigned to a child once the child is officially registered as a Kids Boost participant. The coach will reach out to the child and parent and introduce him or herself. The coach will then schedule a phone call with the child to talk about the child’s fundraising ideas and to help brainstorm ways to make the project fun while maximizing donations. The coach will also set up a few dates to touch base with the child, just to make sure that everything is going well and to see how he/she can support the child. The coach may make suggestions on how to increase fundraising or decrease spending. He or she may proof-read materials, help promote an event and/or answer logistical questions for the child. Decision making is left up to the child, but the coach is there to help along the way.

We encourage coaches to be present for a fundraising event if at all possible. In other words, a coach can absolutely participate in the art party fundraiser or drop off their car to be washed at a car wash fundraiser… however, it’s not necessary or mandatory. We also encourage coaches to help promote the child’s event if appropriate. Coaches can help spread the word to boost attendance, to encourage donations or to rally support.

Coaches can decide to commit to coaching one child at a time or multiple. The level of involvement is completely up to the coach.

Kids Boost would not be possible without the help and support of coaches. Your time and energy will greatly impact the life of a child!

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Donate Talents and Resources

We are asking kids to donate their gifts and talents, so we would love for you to do the same. Are you a photographer who would be willing to donate your expertise to help a kids booster? Are you a musician who would like to share your talents with a child?   Are you a chef who would be interested in helping cater an event? Kids Boost needs you and your talents. If you have a gift, talent or expertise that you would be willing to share, please contact us at

Would you like to donate an item off of our wish list? We are always in need of raffle items or auction items for kids to use in their fundraising efforts. We are also looking for items that could boost funds at events, like popcorn makers or cotton candy machines.

Wish List: 

  • Cotton candy machine
  • Popcorn maker
  • Snowcone machine
  • Balloons and helium tanks
  • Photo booth props and backdrop
  • Basic office supplies (paper, pens, notepads)
  • Camera and equipment
  • Laptop computer
  • I-pad or tablet
  • Gift certificates or gift cards to restaurants, salons or shops
  • Tickets to sporting or music events
  • Items to include in raffles or auctions
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