Nathan W.

Age: 12

Charity: American Cancer Society

Fundraising Goal: $1000

Project: Selling Hanging Flower Baskets/Hobgood Spring Carnival Raffle



Fundraising Progress

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Why I Choose The Charity

I choose to support the American Cancer Society because cancer is a horrible disease that affects so many people of all ages. Giving money to support those suffering would make me feel amazing that I helped that cause. If there is ever a cure, it would make me feel good that I was able to make a difference and help others.



How I Plan To Raise The Money

I will be doing 2 fundraising activities to raise money to support the American Cancer Society. I am selling hanging flower baskets and holding an event at the Hobgood Spring carnival, where I will be selling raffle tickets for items and gift cards that have been donated from small businesses all around the community.

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