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“I believe that all children have the innate need and desire to give back, to do something bigger than themselves, and to show love. For this reason I created Kids Boost – a nonprofit organization designed to help kids give back. Not only give back, but give back to what they are passionate about and what they feel is important.”

– Kristen Stocks, founder of Kids Boost, Inc.


What is your role as a Kids Boost parent?  

Your role is to love, support and encourage your child. Your child will need logistical support along the way – maybe a sounding board for an idea or a ride to the store. In order for this to be effective and a positive experience for your child, he or she needs to be in control. Not to sound harsh, but this is your child’s experience, not yours. So we want your child to decide what he/she is passionate about and which charity will receive the money. We also want him to ultimately decide how to raise the money. Again, your love and support will be necessary in all of these decisions, but we all know that kids tend to thrive when they feel in control and when they feel the decision is their own.

What is your time/effort commitment as a Kids Boost parent?

We encourage you to step back and allow your child’s voice to be heard. Literally. We ask that the child solicits donations from friends, family and the community. Of course, you can spread the word about the event or the campaign, but we want the child doing the actual planning and implantation. So if the child is looking for donations of baked goods for example, we ask that the child is the one to speak to a store manager to seek support/donations. And of course, the Kids Boost coach will be accessible to your child if he/she has questions or concerns. We find that kids and teens will sometimes listen to the advice of another adult quicker than their own parents… shocking, we know!

Kind Words from Parents

"I am excited to have my daughter partner with Kids Boost for several reasons.  I feel kids have a true desire to help and do good for others but are rarely given the opportunity. Kids Boost gives them this opportunity as well as providing support and instruction along the way. Partnering with Kids Boost also has taught responsibility and accountability to my daughter. She has learned to plan, organize, implement and follow through with her ideas. I am so excited for her to continue to grow and change the world through her partnership with Kids Boost."

kirsten warr

Kirsten Warr

In a world that puts so much pressure on kids to get good grades and to be the best at sports, it’s nice to know that there is an organization that is focused on just helping kids be good people. As a parent of 3 young boys, I recognize the importance of teaching my kids to help others and to give back to the community. Kids Boost is an excellent avenue to help me teach my kids these lifelong lessons.

kristin keiser

Kristin Keiser

“I am blessed to be a part of Kids Boost because of the unique opportunity it gives young people to discover what they are passionate about, how to use this passion to give to their community and beyond, and why there is such joy in this experience.  Most importantly, the process will hopefully start them on a lifelong journey of contributing to the welfare of others.”

marla and granddaughter

Marla Scroggs

“Kids Boost is a great way for kids to be involved in something bigger than themselves while giving back to the community.”

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John Lunde

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