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Abby and Riley L

Abby and Riley Lewis

Hawks Dog Festival


Raised: $2,440

Project Event Date(s): October 22, 2016 2:00 -5:00

Project description

We want to host a Hawks Dog Festival with food and a raffle on Saturday, October 22 from 2:00-5:00 at Terrell Mill Park in Marietta. Check out the event page at

Please let us know if you can help us with any of our wish list items:

bounce house

hot dog stand or food truck


Cupcakes or cakes

Items to include in a raffle basket

wrist bands and tickets

Balloon Artist

“pup”sicles or icecream treats


riley lewis     lewis sisters dog

My project supports: Rescue Me Georgia

We chose Rescue Me Georgia because we love helping the dogs that have no voice. Rescue Me Georgia's mission is to save the forgotten dogs of Jasper county - a small town 90 miles south of Atlanta.  When Rescue Me Georgia started, Jasper County animal control had a kill rate of 95% ... Today it is less than 10%.  We love volunteering at the shelter and we love fostering dogs... it makes our hearts happy to teach them what it is liked to be LOVED. When Riley was asked why she rescues animals and what it means to her, this is her response:

"Millie!! She was so sweet.  Whenever we went to AC to see the dogs, she would beg us to take her home.  She would press her cute little nose against the cage and cry.  We just could not do it because we didn't have a foster.  She knew we could not take her.  She had fleas, ticks and mange - her skin was so red and irritated.  She barely had any fur.
We kept getting reports from the ladies at animal control that Millie was getting fatter and fatter.  We went to see her one day and she looked pregnant!!  We just couldn't leave her there any more - when mama's have babies at animal control it hurts our hearts.  I think they must be so afraid to be there with their babies, and feel so alone.  So we brought her home.  We had 10 dogs at the time, but we knew we could figure it out.  We took her straight to the vet and guess what?!?!  She wasn't even pregnant!!! She FAKED it to get out of animal control!!!! She is one clever girl!!!
She was so happy at our house.  Soon, another foster fell in love with her pictures and asked if she could foster her.  We said yes!!! Karen fell in love with Millie and adopted her....we call that a foster failure.  This month, Karen and Millie are taking a road trip to California together - they are best friends!!!!"


Thank you to my donors!

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