Every Little Bit Counts

Often, kids think if they don’t have much money to give or things to donate, that they can’t make a meaningful difference. We’re here to tell them this simply isn’t true!

If you work with a Girl Scout troop, Boy Scout troop, youth sports team, social club, classroom or other small group and would like more information, please reach out to Kids Boost today to discuss and schedule a Small Give Big Impact program. Help build a foundation of social giving for the kids in your life through simple, relevant, actionable and meaningful ways.

What is it?

Small Give, Big Impact is an interactive program by Kids Boost that educates small groups on age appropriate ways they can give back to the community using what is already available to them. Through team brainstorming and fun activities, our coaches educate kids on how anyone can participate in social giving anywhere and at any moment, no matter how much or how little they have.

How does it work?

Kids Boost’s Small Give, Big Impact sessions provide participants with quick and simple ideas for how they can make a difference. Suggestions like providing an old blanket to help an animal rescue facility keep a dog warm or using a dry erase pen to write an encouraging note to someone on a mirror are just a few samples of the many great ideas that kids generate together and take away from this program.

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