Donation Options

$100 Donation + Kid’s Passion/Talents + NonProfit of THEIR Choice = Amplified Donation and Boost within Our Community

Just imagine if your $100 donation was turned into $2000 for a local charity? That's a 1900% return on your monetary investment, along with an even higher return in helping a kid realize how capable they are and more! Select an option below and make a donation that can change lives of children and nonprofits in your community.


Donate to the Kids Boost General Fund

Kids Boost would not be possible without the financial support of the general fund. Making a donation to the General Fund helps fund individual projects, specialized programing, operations and leadership. 

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Donate to an Individual Kids Boost Project

Donate here to support the goals of a Kids Booster and their chosen nonprofit. Funds are collected by Kids Boost and donated to the child's chosen charity through our "Pay It Forward" model, with 80% going to the chosen nonprofit organization and 20% to Kids Boost to give other kids the opportunity to participate.


Other ways to donate

Have items you’d like to donate to help out our kids? Want to volunteer to help out at one of our Kids Boost events? We would love to find ways for you to help!

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