How it works

Every Kids Boost participant receives $100 start-up funds, a one-on-one coach and resources to help them with their project. Throughout the project, the child will become a philanthropist and social entrepreneur, while learning important lessons in money management, civil engagement and communication. And don’t forget the best part… all of this is done in way that’s fun for the child.

Once the Kids Booster has completed the project, he or she will get the honor of presenting a check to the organization of their choice. 80% of the total funds raised goes directly to the charity of choice while 20% goes back to Kids Boost to allow another child to start their Kids Boost project.

So as you can see, Kids Boost is a cycle of giving that allows kids to learn the power of giving back at an early age.

Generous donor makes donation to Kids Boost. 

Example: Donor John Smith contributes $100 to the Kids Boost General Fund to jumpstart a new Kids Boost project.

Kid Booster chooses a cause important to him or her. 

Example: Weston, 12 years old, signs up for Kids Boost and declares he would like to fundraise for the Special Olympics in honor of his brother who has special needs.

Kid Booster receives startup money and coaching support from Kids Boost.  

Example: Kids Boost provides Weston with $100 in startup funding and a coach to help him implement his project "Run the Bases Marathon.” Weston uses the $100 to create flyers for the event and provide drinks and pizza for all the participants. A local ballpark donates field time and Weston's dad volunteers to be the PA announcer and "scorekeeper" at the event. A family friend donates time and a few huge speakers to add fun music at the event. The local dollar store donates balloons.

Kid Booster multiplies funds and awareness for chosen charity. 

Example: All the teams in Weston's baseball league volunteer to participate by running as many bases as they can in an allotted time frame. Each base runner volunteer collects pledges for the number of bases he runs. Weston's “Run the Bases Marathon” raises $500 for Special Olympics.

80% of the total raised goes to the charity of the child’s choice. 20% goes back to Kids Boost to help another child participate. 

Example: Weston presents a check for $400 (80% of the total raised) to Special Olympics. $100(20% of the total raised) goes back to Kids Boost to help another kid get started on another project. Donor John Smith sees a huge return on his investment plus the intangible benefits to Weston and his base running friends.


“What makes your heart happy?”

This is the first question asked of the Kids Booster.  The answers to this question help drive the entire Kids Boost project.

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