Kids Boost Partners

Kids Boost would like to thank the following people for their support. Without these faithful supporters, Kids Boost wouldn't exist.
If you are interested in becoming a Kids Boost partner, please email

Investment Circle

Thank you to our *Investment Circle* for investing in a culture of youth
philanthropy that fosters our next generation philanthropists,
entrepreneurs and leaders. 
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$18,000 - $39,999

Community Circle

Thank you to our *Community Circle* for creating a community of Kids
Boosters and making an impact through community outreach opportunities.
Blake Family Foundation
Debra Greenfield
Mandy Rosenberg
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$5,000 - $17,999

Foundation Circle

Thank you to our *Foundation Circle* for providing a foundation for kids to
use their passions for good and introducing giving opportunities for small
groups in the community.
AGCO Finance
Bruce and Beth Beaty
Josh Giles
Karen Mobley
Aimee and Derek Nobs
Redfield Neighborhood in Dunwoody, GA
Ryan Wood
The Champion Firm 
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$850 - $4,999

Empowerment Circle

Thank you to our *Empowerment Circle* who are empowering kids to give by providing the tools and resources to thrive with their Kids Boost project.
Renee and Paul Armstrong
Dean Bellmoff and Beatrice Salazar
Christmas on Bolingbrook Drive 
Jennifer Combs
Harry Norman Realtors 
Heyday Web Media
Inflection Point Communications
Staci and Kevin Kemp
Tad Lemire
Casey Martin
Jennifer Parker
Taylor Perkins
Friends at Refrigiwear
Sarah Circle Womens Group at CUMC
Kristan and Mike Shelley
Joanne and Jonathon Steele
Weinstein Foundation
Rhonda Kasper
Elizabeth Whitcomb
Jo and Steve Tapper
Brown Box Brands
Blade Injury Law
Sheila McHugh
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Recurring Donors

Thank you to our recurring donors who pledge a minimum of $10 per month to help Kids Boost keep the lights on.

Nancy Pappas
Howard and Barbara Rosenberg
Natasha Parker
Rebecca Ando
Angela and Kyle Hunt
Andy Mercer
Jackie and John Peterson
Jana Burrow
Carrie Shamburger
Brook Soss
Paula Reagan
Leah Wiley
Josh Giles
Kelly Rowe
Juliet Veal
Brooke Bates
Kimberly Zulauf

Niki Smith
Kristin Hankins
Melissa Weese
Corey Colonna
Bruce Beaty
Carman Hasty
Claire Davis
Amber Lamb
Jennifer Mitchell
Greg Gilmore
Catherine and Bob Hansell
Angie Duprey
Lauren Meisenheimer
Nancy Gordan
Denise Architetto
Pam Burke
Damian Jimenez

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In Kind Donors

Thank you to our In-kind Donors who support Kids Boost on an ongoing basis.
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