Random Acts of Kindness Day

Did you know that February 11 – 17, 2024 is considered Random Acts of Kindness Week?!?  We would love to help teachers celebrate the week with their students.  Please use the following BINGO board to help encourage Random Acts of Kindness Week with your students.  Don’t forget to share pictures or stories of the kindness […]

9 years of Kids Boost

We recently celebrated 9 years of Kids Boost! That’s 9 years of empowering kids to use their time, talents and passions to make a difference in the world. That’s 9 years of teaching kids important life skills while also encouraging philanthropy and community involvement. That’s 9 years of teaching kids the joys of giving! Over […]

A Lasting Impact

Are you ready to be blown away?!? We are excited to share two updates about two past Kids Boosters who used their time and talents to make a difference in the world. Our first update is about Jack, a 13 year old boy who was inspired by a book to take action. After reading the […]

Turn Clutter Into Kindness

Spring cleaning is in full swing and we wanted to share some tips for how you can use unwanted items to make a difference! Declutter this spring while also making an impact in your community. We call that a win for everyone!   Have a drawer full of old t-shirts you want to purge? Cut […]

Make It A Weekend Of Serving And Loving Others

MLK Day is just a few days away and we invite you to join us as we serve and love others throughout the weekend. If you are looking for a fun and interactive project to complete at home with your family, look no further!  These Smile Bags are fun and simple for kids of all […]

8 Things We Love About Kids Boost On Our 8th Birthday

It’s our birthday!!!  Kids Boost is officially 8 years old and to help us celebrate, we thought we would share eight things we love about Kids Boost. 1. Kids Boost is free! Any child age 8-14 is invited to participate in Kids Boost at no cost. Not only do Kids Boosters get access to resources and one-on-one support from […]

Cheerleader and Collaborator: A peek into the life of a Kids Boost Coach

When a child applies to be a Kids Booster, they are paired with their very own coach.  A Kids Boost coach’s focus is to make a child feel empowered, valued and capable of making a difference.   Before meeting a potential Kids Booster, one of our coaches gives the parent/guardian a call to further explain […]

Sweet Summer Time

Summer is right around the corner and, at Kids Boost, we believe it’s the perfect time for kids to use what they love to make a difference! Over the years, our Kids Boosters have used their free time and summer sunshine to create simple, fun events for awesome causes. We wanted to share a few of […]

What Breaks Your Heart?

At Kids Boost, we believe that the best way to get a child’s buy-in is to empower them to take charge of their giving experience. That’s why one of the first questions we ask a new Kids Booster is,  “What breaks YOUR heart?” Many of us are naturally inclined to shelter kids as much as possible from our […]
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