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Kids Boost turns 6!

Six years ago I made a huge decision.  I purchased the domain and applied for a business license.  I distinctly remember thinking “Why not just try?” I had no idea if my crazy idea would work, if kids would want to participate or if people would ever donate to make this a reality.  I’m …

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Crazy Good Turns

Who doesn’t love a good podcast, especially one highlighting the good in the world?!? We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be featured on the Crazy Good Turns Podcast and we would be honored if you took the time to listen.  While you are there, be sure to check out all of the “crazy …

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3 boxes of Mac and cheese, 2 cans of green beans with a side of a life lesson

Last Sunday at church, I was handed a reminder about an upcoming food drive for a local food pantry. It contained a “wish list” of items along with information about who will benefit from the donations. I’ve always loved a good canned food drive. It’s a simple yet effective way for families to help other …

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Make it a day of purpose

Let’s make it a day of purpose. Why not put stuff aside and just play?  Play a board game.  Create your own game.  In our house, we love minute-to-win-it games (see the picture below). Put up those phones, computers and tablets and do something fun! Spread smiles to your neighbors.  Dig through that pantry and …

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Kids Boost empowers kids to give by providing $100 in start-up money, a one-on-one coach and resources to turn their money into more for a charity of their choice. Many years ago, I heard Andy Stanley speak and this quote has always stuck with me: “Your direction, not intention, determines your destination.” I constantly have …

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Adults 41, Kids 256

$140,000 for more than 55 nonprofits.  HUGE, right?!? Can you even imagine what the impact could be if we could empower 256 more kids?  On average, our Kids Boosters raise about $1750 for wonderful causes all over our community.  256 kids, averaging $1750 a project would yield $448,000 for nonprofits! Not only that, but those …

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