Kids Boost turns 6!

Kristen Dream Big

Six years ago I made a huge decision.  I purchased the domain and applied for a business license.  I distinctly remember thinking “Why not just try?” I had no idea if my crazy idea would work, if kids would want to participate or if people would ever donate to make this a reality.  I’m pretty certain that most of my friends and family thought I was having a quarter life crisis or something as I quit my job to start a nonprofit.  It was the first time that I practiced the notion of faith over fear.  It was the first time I decided to believe in myself and follow my heart.

This was our very first Kids Boost project. McCartney Warr used her love of art to raise $300 for CureJM.

I recently found the notebook of my thoughts, ideas and even my first business plan.  I read my first list of “Kids Boost goals” which included the following:

  • Teach kids the joys of giving.
  • Give kids the opportunity to make a difference – not because they have to, but because they want to.
  • Show the world what kids are capable of doing.
  • If it’s ever not fun, stop everything and start over.

6 years have passed and my goals are the same.  My methods have changed numerous times but the goals remain the same.  It’s nice to remember the big picture goals.. not the day-to-day pressures of numbers and reports but the big “why” behind it all.

It’s also a great reminder of what I have often called “the biggest faith journey of my life.”  This year has been incredibly tough but I still have faith.  I have faith that Kids Boost can power through this time and continue to empower kids to give.  I have faith that we will continue to show the world what kids can do and I have faith that we will continue to have fun while doing it!

I hope you will help us celebrate our 6th birthday. I hope you will take a look back at the hundreds of kids who have been empowered to give.  I hope you will reflect on the creativity and dedication of these kids as they have raised almost $300,000 for more than 90 nonprofit organizations.  I hope you are inspired to use your own passions and interests to make a difference.

Thank you to each and every person who has supported me, Kids Boost or a Kids Booster over the years.  I am overflowing with gratitude and excited about the next 6 years!  Faith over fear, friends!

A highlight of the last 6 years was when a group of Kids Boost graduates came together to raise money for Kids Boost at the “Best Day Ever” event.
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