Reflections and Resolutions

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As we look back on 2020, we’d probably all agree that this year has been one for the history books. And while we may be ready to put it all behind us and move forwardthere are definite take-a-ways from such a pivotal year. For Kids Boost, 2020 was full of reminders of the power of creative thinking and the amazing resilience and flexibility that kids possess. We were reminded again and again that kindness is never cancelled and that even though we’ve had to stay further a part, there are always ways to connect with others and make a difference.

So many of the things that made 2020 so difficult were also the driving forces that led Kids Boosters to take action and make a difference this year.  Throughout the pandemic, 44 Kids Boosters used their passions to support groups focused on issues like food insecurity, social justice, COVID-19 and other illnesses, wildfires, among many others. In a time when they had little control, they were able to take charge and use their own ideas and talents to positively impact the lives of others! What a powerful message for kids to hear: Even when the weight of the world feels at its heaviest, we believe YOU have the power to make a difference.

Parents, as we wrap up this crazy year, we encourage you to help your kids reflect on the good they experienced or witnessed this year and explore things they wish could change in 2021. For a fun resource to help your child reflect on 2020 and look to the year ahead, click  here.   Maybe they learned a new hobby during quarantine or had more time to invest in an old passion.  Maybe they came to appreciate something more than ever or recognize a need in their community they had never noticed before.  Maybe, for the first time, they started to bring up things they were hearing that broke their heart and began to wonder if there was anything they could do to help.

At Kids Boost, we believe there is no better time than now to have these conversations with kids and provide an opportunity for them to take action. If you know a kid who is ready to make a difference in 2021, we’d love to help them get started!

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