helping kids cope

Behind the Scenes of Kids Boost

*** This powerful essay was written by a Kids Booster named Abby.  Abby and her sister, Riley, raised $2440 to benefit Rescue Me Georgia by hosting a “Hawks Dog Festival.” With Abby’s permission, we want to share her story in hopes of showing the behind the scenes of Kids Boost. It isn’t just about raising…

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sharing the why

So last week I ditched my Kids Boost t-shirt and jeans and dusted off (literally) a suit and pair of heels. But just for a day (okay, just for a meeting).  It was a big meeting, one that could potentially change my world and fulfill my dreams.  As I drove to my meeting, I practiced…

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Helping kids cope through crisis

“I don’t ever want to go back to Disney World” This was my 8 year old’s statement to me as we prepared for bed last night. WHAT?!?   That was random. Why on earth would he not want to go back and where did this come from?  And then it hit me… It wasn’t long ago…

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