Stuck at Home? You can still spread smiles!


One of the many things that I love about Kids Boost is that it gives kids an outlet to make a difference during crisis or trauma. When the world seems confusing or a bit upside down, kids have the innate desire to do something to help. During this crazy and confusing time, Kids Boost is here to empower our kids to make a difference, give back to the community and spread love.

Not only can your kids complete a virtual Kids Boost project during this time, they can also spread love and smiles from the comfort of their own home!

We created a Random Acts of Kindness BINGO game that kids (and adults!) can complete throughout the next few weeks. Can your family complete a whole row? Or maybe the whole board?! Don’t be shy… be sure to share on social media to inspire other kids and family to get involved too! Tag @kidsboost so we can brag on you too!

If you would like more information about how to complete a virtual Kids Boost project, please email Let’s use this time to take action and make the world a better place. Let’s help our kids feel a little more in control by giving them age appropriate and fun ways to make a difference! The world needs our Kids Boosters now more than ever!

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