Age 9 & 10

Agam, Sophia and Tamar

Tamar, Agam and Sophia

Puppy Bake Sale

Project Event Date(s): To Be Announced Soon!

Project Event Location: Village Burger in Dunwoody

My project supports: FurKids

Project description

We plan to raise money by doing a bake sale! Come and purchase a variety of baked goods. It will be PAWsome!!!
*** Our event had to be postponed due to COVID-19! Please stay tuned for details!***
 If you cannot make it to our bake sale but would like to help us reach our goal, please make a tax deductible donation through this page.
Thank you for helping us save animals in need!

Why I want to raise money for FurKids

We chose to raise money for FurKids because Tamar got her dog at Furkids and we want to thank them. We also want to help dogs and we love dogs!

Fundraising Goal

Fundraising Progress


Thank you to my donors!

  1. Bonnie Shrager

  2. Claire Reynolds

  3. Noa Guttman

  4. Nancy Kelley

  5. Jessica Baron

  6. susan Baron

  7. Meredith Lee

  8. Jennifer Shrager

  9. Jonathan Amrani

  10. Netta and Haim Visar

  11. Ilan Visar



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