Age 12 & 9

Alli Lane and Boots

Alli Lane and Boots Buckler

Carnival for Wish Kids


Raised: $5,000

Project Event Date(s): December 9, 2017

Project description

We will hold a carnival for our friends with lots of fun games and activities – a bouncy house, volleyball, cornhole, Aqua golf, fun run and more! We will sell tickets, raffle a prize (to be donated), sell sponsorships, and get donations. We will also ask schools to participate in paid “break the dress code” days.


My project supports: Make A Wish Foundation

We want to help Make A Wish Foundation because we like helping kids in the hospital and making them happy.  We also like that it isn't just a local charity and it is all over America. This charity is great because it helps kids that are dying and grants them one last wish. Kids just like us. We find this heart-warming and are glad to support Make-A-Wish. These kids would be our next generation; since they can't, let's donate money to let them have a "lifetime" of fun!


Thank you to my donors!

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