Age 11 & 12

Anna and Noelle

Noelle Anna



Raised: $1,108

Project Event Date(s): Various dates

Project description

We plan to raise the money by selling slime at events, fundraisers and to our friends.

Our first event will be at Aurora Cineplex on Sunday, Sept. 30th from 12-4.  We will host a booth at their annual birthday party!  Come join the fun and support a great cause.

We are also willing to bring the slime party to you!  Are you having a birthday party or fall festival? We will bring all the materials for kids to make and enjoy slime.  The best part?!?  You will also be helping so many children in need with your support!

My project supports: Home of Hope

We chose to help Home of Hope because we don't think people realize there are over 3,000 homeless children in Gwinnett County.  We would like to help them!

Thank you to my donors!

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