Age 9

Ansley K

Ansley trampoline

Ansley's Afternoon of Fun!


Raised: $3,247

Project Event Date(s): May 19, 2019

Project description

I plan to raise money by hosting a festival.  At my festival, I want to have two bounce houses.  I have a brother with autism and I want all kids with disabilities to have fun too! I also want a slime making station, a raffle and bracelet selling.  This is how I am going to raise money for Papa’s Pantry.

Thank you for helping me help others through Papa’s Pantry!

My project supports: Papa's Pantry

I chose Papa's Pantry because they are very helpful! One reason is that they provide people with food when they have had a hard time.  Another reason is that they help people with job interviews. I chose this charity because I feel that helping people get back on their feet is wonderful. This is why I chose Papa's Pantry to raise money for.

Thank you to my donors!

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