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Fighting Fires with Muffins


Raised: $1,214

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Project description

Here is how you can support fighting fires with muffins:

  • I will bake one dozen muffins for a Cobb county fire house of your choice (for a suggested donation of $12 or more), or
  • if you are local (East Cobb), I can deliver a jar of homemade cinnamon muffin mix to you (for a suggested donation of $12 or more).

UPDATE:  Huge news…  Thanks to my generous donors, I have been able to visit all 29 fire houses in Cobb County!  I am still in the process of delivering muffins but I would still love and appreciate your donations.  If you would like, you can make a tax deductible donation through this page.

If you leave your email in the donation form, I will contact you to collect your order.  If you prefer to email me directly, you can reach me at

The money you donate will go to the American Red Cross to help those in need.  Thank you for supporting me, the American Red Cross, Kids Boost, and our local firefighters!!

My project supports: The Red Cross

I chose to raise money for The Red Cross because they help with a lot of the things I would like to raise money for- like the wildfires and hurricanes. They help people with all sorts of things and I want to help people too.

Thank you to my donors!

  1. Anonymous

  2. Cobb County Firefighters

  3. Patricia Schaap

  4. Michelle Fernanders

  5. Megan Barge

  6. Carole Roberts

  7. Julie Fox

  8. Brinkley Parrish

  9. Laura York

  10. Cherryl Redmond



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