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Peace, Love Bracelets


Raised: $7,361

Project Event Date(s): April 21, 2017 5:30pm

Project description

I plan to make bracelets and have a bracelet making party on April 21st at the Exchange at the Collection in Forsyth.  I will have a chocolate fountain, photo booth, DJ and lots of beads to make bracelets!  Here are some of our wish list items for the party:

  • Mini hamburgers
  • Mini French Fries
  • Mini Water Bottles
  • Paper Products (pink or black napkins and plates)
  • Beads!!! Any kind of beads!
  • Construction Paper, Markers, stickers and colored pencils
  • Gently used American Girl Dolls and accessories to be auctioned off to raise money

If you would like to help with the party or donate a wishlist item, please email

To order bracelets, please head over to my Facebook page at  The first post contains specific instructions on placing an order.  Thank you!



My project supports: CHOA Aflac Cancer Center

I choose to donate bald American Girl dolls to little girls going through chemotherapy/radiation that have experienced hair loss.  I want to make a little girl feel happy when they are scared or sad in the hospital. Also, I want them to know to always be happy, be brave and have faith in God about what they are going through. With their new doll they will also get a hospital gown, hospital bracelet, socks and get well card. That way they can dress the same as their new friend.

bella-doll-2 bella-doll

Thank you to my donors!

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