Age 9

David L

David L

Project Game Time


Raised: $1,200

Project Event Date(s): July 21, 2016 5-7 pm

Project description

I plan to host a game truck where people can donate money to play games.  We would like to thank Randy at Street Gamz for donating a game truck for my event! If you would a game truck for your party, you can call Randy at 770-674-5781 or

street gamz 2

My project supports: Helping Hands Project

The Helping Hand Project is a charity dedicated to creating 3D printed prosthetic hands at no cost for children in need.  I chose this charity because I am interested in prosthetics. I fractured both wrists and I experienced what it feels to have limited mobility.  Therefore, I want to raise money for kids who need prosthetics.

david prosthetic     David casts

Thank you to my donors!

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