Age 8 & 7

Kailyn & Emma

Emma and Kailyn

Mane-tastic Horse Party


Raised: $2,039

Project Event Date(s): Sunday, June 24, 2018

Project description

Please help us by attending our “Mane-tastic Horse Party!”  We will have food, drinks and games.  Not to mention interacting with the horses on the farm!


My project supports: Wigs For Kids

We want to raise awareness and get donations for Wigs For Kids. This is an organization that donates one free wig per child until they are 18. These wigs cost up to $1800 a piece because they are made from real human hair donations. It also takes 10 peoples hair to create a wig. My sister, Emma, who is helping me with this project has Alopecia. That is a disease where she loses her hair.  She has recently got her first wig from WIgs for Kids and it's awesome.


Thank you to my donors!

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