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Serve A Wish


Raised: $700

Project Event Date(s): 

Project description

I will be hosting a Serve-A-Wish play at the park day for family and friends at Ducktown Park on October 3rd from 1-3pm.  Volleyball and other outdoor games will be available!
In the event of rain, my event will be rescheduled for October 24th from 1-3 (family and friends would be notified if the date has to be changed).
If you cannot attend my event but would like to help me reach my goal, please make a tax-deductible donation through this page.
My overall goal is $1,000 but every step of the way, your donations can help Make-A-Wish with granting the wishes of kids and families facing critical illnesses:
  • $100-Buys luggage for a family of four
  • $250- Buys passports for a wish family
  • $500-Rents a van for a weeklong travel wish
  • $1,000-Buys plane tickets for a family of four
Thank you for helping me grant wishes for kids with critical illnesses.

My project supports: Make A Wish

I am hoping the money I raise for Make-A-Wish will help them to help more kids and help to lift their spirits. I want to bring joy to kids and their families during sad and difficult times.

Thank you to my donors!

  1. Rebecca Ramsay

  2. Samuel and Doris Ramsay

  3. Kathleen Rippert

  4. Catherine Ramsay

  5. Shera Loveless

  6. Lynn Pruitt

  7. All of the event supporters

  8. Christy Slocum

  9. Patrick Fellers

  10. Hadley Echols



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