Age 14

Olivia B

Olivia B

Putting music back in schools


Raised: $1,570

Project Event Date(s): May 15 and May 22 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Project description

I plan to raise the money to help get music back in schools by using music. I plan to play a restaurant for 4 weeks, one day each week. All proceeds I’m tipped will go to Little Kids Rock. I also plan to ask the restaurant to give a portion of the proceeds (given that they have earned enough to maintain the restaurant) to Little Kids Rock.

olivia piano

My project supports: Putting music programs in schools (Little Kids Rock)

Music has always been in my life ever since I moved to America. I’ve reaped the benefits of music socially, educationally, and mentally. Some of my best friends I have met through music programs in my school. When you’re playing a song with other people, you gain a connection like no other. I can only describe it like a family. I also have a much easier understanding of math and sciences thanks to music. Additionally, I have enhanced creativity and intellectual curiosity which helps me in English. Music helps me mentally in the form of an outlet. Naturally, I’m a very awkward person, I’m not good with words. So if I have a bad day I’ll sit at my piano and play out my feelings. This outlet can help many other kids who can’t express what they’re feeling easily. I want other kids and teens to receive the benefits of music along with me. If they can’t afford to get an instrument at home, I believe that the school should give the resources to help their students. Since schools are responsible for molding tomorrow’s leaders, they students of today should be given the proper building blocks to do this. And one of the most essential tools, is music.

Thank you to my donors!

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