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Project Event Date(s): May 8 - 25, 2020

Project Event Location: The comfort of your own home

My project supports: Must Ministries

Project description

I plan to raise money for Must Ministries by starting a soccer juggling challenge to provide a fun way for people to donate. This virtual challenge will run from May 8-25 and will be kind of like the ice bucket challenge. People will nominate each other to juggle a soccer ball for as long as they can without stopping!
Not a soccer player? No worries! You can still help me reach my goal by just making a tax deductible donation through this page and spreading the word about my challenge!
Love soccer like me? Join the challenge by following these simple steps:
  • Post a picture or video (60 seconds or less) of you juggling to Instagram and tag @kidsboost and use #keepitgoing. Please also email your picture/video to
  • Tag a friend and challenge them to #keepitgoing! You can copy and paste this message if you’d like: “I’m joining the #keepitgoing challenge by doing as many juggles as I can to support Pablo’s Kids Boost project for Must Ministries! I want to help Pablo make sure families get the food they need right now. I challenge _________ to join in on the fun!”
  • Make a tax-deductible donation of your choice through this page. Must Ministries is currently providing around 100 boxes of food each week to Marietta families in need. Each $20 donation will help supply one box of food to a family!

Every participant who posts a video/picture and makes a donation of choice will be entered in a drawing for a raffle prize. Each participant who posts a video/picture and donates $20 or more will be entered into a drawing for the chance to meet Michael Parkhurst (former Atlanta United team captain) and receive a signed soccer ball! Deadline to enter is May 25, 2020.

Thank you for helping me help others during this scary time! 

Click below to watch a short video about my project:


Why I want to raise money for Must Ministries

I chose to raise money for Must Ministries because in these challenging times the less fortunate have more difficulty getting food and essentials.  Before this pandemic started, when everyone was outside, it always made me happy to see others help the less fortunate. I decided to see what it feels like to help others.

Fundraising Goal

Fundraising Progress


Thank you to my donors!

  1. Lozano Family

  2. Forrester Family

  3. Armstrong Family

  4. Familia Montanez

  5. Chris Coker

  6. Ana Maria Lozano

  7. Gregory Owens

  8. Reese Parkhurst

  9. Christine Stanley

  10. Gabe Walker

  11. Megan Hicks

  12. Janne Mccray

  13. David Pearson

  14. Mildred Da Costa

  15. Sarah Estes

  16. Richard Nudi

  17. Veronica Montecinos

  18. Jenn Augustin

  19. Ope Ofodile

  20. Shannon Staples

  21. Lucero Morse

  22. Nora Lozano

  23. Blanca Gutierrez

  24. Nocetti Family

  25. Erika Simpson

  26. Gutierrez Family

  27. Sam Seskin

  28. Jayne Gubelman

  29. Jackie & Mike Fusaro

  30. Geis Family



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