Age 11

Savanna H

Savanna H

Slime Halloween Party


Raised: $4,355

Project Event Date(s): October 27, 2017

Project description

Last year, I raised $2090 for Bert’s Big Adventure with help from Kids Boost.  I was so excited to present the giant check at the BBA Disney World send off party.  I even got to see some of the kids who got to go on the trip. And I got to go on the radio with The Bert Show.  Bert challenged me to come again next year so that is my plan!  I want to raise even more money to help even more kids!

savanna check

I am planning a Halloween Slime Party because I love making all sorts of slime! I will invite friends to come in costume and make slime with me to raise money for Bert’s Big Adventure.  I hope you will help me reach my goal and help more kids get the chance to go to Disney World with Bert’s Big Adventure.

I also have a wish list of items that I am hoping to have donated for my party.  Please email if you would like to donate any of these items:

Shaving Cream

Contact Solution

Elmer’s Glue

Food Coloring

My project supports: Bert's Big Adventure

I chose Bert's Big Adventure because I heard about it on the radio and it sounded pretty interesting.  It helps kids who are sick and takes their whole family to Disney World.


Thank you to my donors!

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