The Kids Boost Experience: Through the eyes of a 9 year old

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The Kids Boost Experience

Written by Caroline (age: 9)

With a little help from her mom (age: more than 9)


On Wednesday, March 30th I had a special experience that I would like to share.  I presented a check for $1,020.00 to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter!  I worked with an organization called Kids Boost.

Let me back up and start from the beginning.   For the past couple of spring breaks, my family and I have gone to New Orleans. I saw lots of homeless people there; adults and kids. It made me sad. I started thinking about homeless people and wondered if they were everywhere.  Then I went to visit UGA with my dad and I saw homeless people there too.  I got sad again.  Then I realized there were homeless people all over the place and especially right here in Atlanta.  I thought there had to be a way that I could help.

My mom’s friend Kristen was just starting something called Kids Boost.  It is a nonprofit organization where kids can do things that they like and feel strongly about, to help others.  I like to bake so I wondered, could I do something with that?   I met with Kristen from Kids Boost along with my mom.  Through Kids Boost I could get money to start a project and the support that I needed to get it done.  Kristen helped me find out more about Atlanta Children’s Shelter.  Once I looked them up and learned more about them, I knew I wanted my project to raise money for them!

I decided I wanted to raise $800 because I am 8!  I thought having bake sales would be a fun way to raise money! My brother played basketball and I had bake sales at lots of his games.  One man bought everything at my table for $100!!!  He also said I could still sell what he did not take so I made $135 in one bake sale! I also reached out to family and friends. I was very honored that so many people believed in me and I raised 128% of my goal!

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Today I got to take the check to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter downtown and it was really cool. I met Mr. Hundley there and he helps to raise money for them all the time!  I got to take a tour and see all of the great things that go on there to help homeless children.  They have a day care and even teach little kids Spanish and sign language!  They had their own 5K last weekend too and I got a t-shirt!  My money will go to things like diapers, food and toys for the kids.  Their parents are there too and they are learning different skills that will help them get jobs.  Atlanta Children’s Shelter will help the whole family to find a home and live a better life through education.

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I am happy that I got to do this project! I hope that I will be philanthropic for the rest of my life. It feels good to help people!   I might even get the chance to help more kids get started with Kids Boost!



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