Make it a day of purpose

If you are in Georgia today, you are probably staring out the window wondering what happened to all that snow.  Schools and businesses were cancelled today for most of metro Atlanta and now you are probably sitting bored and frustrated.

I keep reading posts on social media like “What a waste of a day?!” Or “I missed a day of work for nothing.”  I get it… it can be frustrating to be forced to take a day off or to have a household of kids ready to play in snow that’s just not there. So let’s try to change that mindset a bit.

Let’s make it a day of purpose.

Why not put stuff aside and just play?  Play a board game.  Create your own game.  In our house, we love minute-to-win-it games (see the picture below). Put up those phones, computers and tablets and do something fun!

Spread smiles to your neighbors.  Dig through that pantry and see what sweet treat you could make and deliver to an expecting friend.

Create a love video for a grandparent or friend.  Kids love making videos… why not make one with the intent to just say “hey… I love you and appreciate you.” Send the video over text, social media or email to brighten someone’s day.

Make dinner fun tonight.  Get the kids involved in planning and preparing the meal.  Have them decorate the table and make name tags for each person.  Create a list of questions for the family to answer together (example: Who always makes you smile? If you could give one person a million dollars, who would it be and why?  What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?”)  Oh and don’t forget about dessert… hey, you could even make dessert dinner tonight!

Go make this day purposeful!  Make a memory.  Spread love.  Have fun!

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