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New School Year Resolutions


It’s that time of year… already!  New school supplies, new clothes, new shoes and new backpacks.  So why not take a minute to create New School Year Resolutions?  But here’s the catch… they can’t be about losing weight or going to the gym, they have to be about spreading love and making a difference. Why not make this school year all about spreading kindness and joy in your house and community?  Here are just a few ideas on fun ways to spread love…

  • Join in on the painted rock movement.  This isn’t like the trend of Pokemon or fidget spinners.  This trend has meaning and love behind it.  If you aren’t familiar with painted rock movement, it’s simple.  As a family, decorate rocks with fun pictures or positive messages. Go hide them throughout the community for other kids to find.  It’s a great way to spread love (and find love too!).                             
  • Create a family giving jar. Find an old jar or vase that can sit out in your house.  Challenge the family to put their loose change in the jar and see how quickly you can fill it up.  Once it’s full, donate the money to a chosen charity or a family in need.  After donating the money, celebrate with ice cream for dinner (because who wouldn’t love that!) and then start all over!
  • Go ahead and commit to a day of service or a day of spreading love as a family.  Mark your calendar and stick with it.  Do a Random Acts Of Kindness day ( for ideas, see our past blog here). Volunteer to cook dinner or breakfast as a family at the Ronald McDonald House.  Run or walk a race together… or create a cheer station along the path.  Kids Boost has a very meaningful 5k and Fun Run coming up called the Lifesavers 5k that was created by a 14-year-old to thank the employees at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. What a great way to give back to the community as a family.  Click here to learn more about this special race.
  • Create “Giving and Loving Goals.”  Let each family member write down a few goals for the school year about how they plan to spread love or give back.  They could include things like inviting a new student to play on the playground with them or bringing in extra snacks for those kids who forget or can’t afford snacks. Parents can give a few suggestions but let the kids really think about ways they can spread love.  You may be surprised what they come up with.  At the end of the semester or school year, re-read your goals and brag on all of the love your family has given the community (side note: this may be another great time for ice cream for dinner!). Parents… don’t forget to include your own goals too!
  • Make it the year of “birthdays with meaning.”  We’ve all heard of kids who donate their gifts instead of keep them on their birthdays, but let’s face it… that can be a tough one for a 5-year-old. Instead, what if you came up with another idea to celebrate a birthday in a meaningful way?  For example, on a child’s 5th birthday, they get to come up with 5 Random Acts of Kindness to do that day as a family. Or if your child is turning 16, why not send hand written notes to 16 people who make their life better?  Is it your 37th birthday?  Why not take $37 dollars and see what you can do with it to make a difference?  Have fun with it… I promise it will make it more memorable!

These are just a few ways to make giving and loving fun in your house.  We would love to hear your ideas too!  Don’t’ be afraid to brag.  Think of your bragging as a way of spreading even more love in the community.  Send us a note or tag us on social media (@kidsboost) with the ways your family is fulfilling their New School Year Resolutions!

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