Sweet Summer Time

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Summer is right around the corner and, at Kids Boost, we believe it’s the perfect time for kids to use what they love to make a difference! Over the years, our Kids Boosters have used their free time and summer sunshine to create simple, fun events for awesome causes. We wanted to share a few of our favorites to hopefully inspire more kids to take action this summer!

We all know Georgia summers are HOT. Kids Boosters have taken advantage of the summer heat by using their favorite cool treats to raise money for great causes! They’ve put their own spins on lemonade stands and ice cream socials in their neighborhoods, poolside, or even at back-to-school events!
What feels like summer more than water fun?! Kids Boosters have gathered friends for fundraisers based around simple summer fun like pool parties and water balloon fights!
For closing out summer, our Kids Boosters have thrown some pretty amazing back-to-school parties. Who doesn’t enjoy some bounce house fun or field day games?
The possibilities are truly endless. Whatever your child loves most about summer could be the starting point for a fundraising experience they’ll never forget!
If you have a child interested in making a difference this summer, please have them visit:Apply to be a Kid Booster – Kids Boost or email kristen@kidsboost.org for more information.
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