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At Kids Boost, we believe that the best way to get a child’s buy-in is to empower them to take charge of their giving experience. That’s why one of the first questions we ask a new Kids Booster is,  “What breaks YOUR heart?”
Many of us are naturally inclined to shelter kids as much as possible from our world’s sadness, but whether we start the conversation or not, kids are aware and are impacted by more than we may realize. By helping kids verbalize what breaks their hearts, we actually give them the valuable opportunity to discover their “why.”  We believe knowing WHY they want to help a certain cause can ignite and sustain a child’s passion for making a difference.
Below are a few examples of causes your child could mention if asked what breaks their heart. We’ve also included some simple service ideas for each cause. Of course there are countless other causes a child could feel passionate about.  Our hope is that these examples will help start the conversation with kids and inspire them to turn their passion into action for causes they care about  this MLK day (or any day!):
Helping those facing food insecurity/Individuals experiencing homelessness:
1. Get connected with your local food pantry by signing up for a volunteer shift. Many will allow kids to volunteer and help stock shelves, etc.
2. Make sandwiches for The Sandwich Project. This organization has local drop-off points and will deliver the sandwiches to individuals experiencing homelessness right in your community. Check out @thesandwhichprojectatl on Instagram for additional information and guidelines.
3. Put together “a winter care kit” to keep in the car to give to someone in need. Pinterest is full of awesome examples! Consider including things like warm gloves, hand/foot warmer packs, a beanie hat, socks, a non-perishable energy snack, lip balm, etc.
Helping the environment/animals:
1. Have a kid passionate and vocal about a cause? Suggest they write a letter to a state representative about a cause that is important to them. Here is an example of how to get started: https://pointsoflight.org/resources/save-the-animals-letter-campaign/
2. Grab some old t-shirts and get to work on some easy dog toys that can be donated to a local animal shelter: http://www.sewhistorically.com/5-different-diy-no-sew-t-shirt-dog-toys/
3. Does your child have some money set aside to donate? Many animal shelters have online wish lists! Purchasing some items off a wish list and, in some cases, even delivering to the shelter, can be a fun and tangible way for a child to help.
Helping the sick/injured and our healthcare heroes:
1. Put together goodie bags with snacks or self-care items for healthcare workers and drop off at a local urgent care/doctor’s office, etc.
2. Put together “chemo care kits” to donate to a local healthcare facility. Pinterest has lots of ideas for kits for both adults and kids experiencing chemo. Remember that all items donated need to be new, unopened and non-perishable.
Does your child have their own ideas forhowthey want to make a difference but they aren’t sure how to get started? Kids Boost can help! We would love to work with your child on an individual fundraising project focused on using their own talents and passions to make a difference for a cause that is important to them! Kids can learn more and submit an application to be a Kids Booster here: https://kidsboost.org/programs/kid-boosters/apply-to-be-a-kid-booster/
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