Adults 41, Kids 256


$140,000 for more than 55 nonprofits.  HUGE, right?!? Can you even imagine what the impact could be if we could empower 256 more kids?  On average, our Kids Boosters raise about $1750 for wonderful causes all over our community.  256 kids, averaging $1750 a project would yield $448,000 for nonprofits!

Not only that, but those 256 kids would learn life lessons in areas like money management, communication, accountability and perseverance. They learn the joys of giving and realize that even as a child, they can make a difference.

So today I ask for your help. Would you consider being one of our 200 adults?  It’s super easy.  Just head to and choose recurring donation.  A small monthly donation can make a huge difference.

Thank you, friends!  Together, we can do some pretty great things!



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