Snow Days in Atlanta

snow family square

It’s a snow day here in Georgia. You know, a dust of snow and the whole city shuts down. I laugh about it but really and truly, I love it.

These snow days (some of which actually include snow) have slowly become some of my favorite days in life.  To me, they’ve served as a reminder from God to just slow down a bit. A reminder to take in life. Take in the beauty of the snow or just take in the beauty of a day that you’re forced to just stay put.  They are a reminder to let kids just be kids… hey, and maybe even join ’em.

A few years ago, I looked out my window to see about 20 kids in my backyard.  Ranging from a 3-year-old to a 16-year-old, they were all taking turns sledding down my hill. I will always remember the look of my son’s face as flew down the hill only to face-plant in the mud/snow.  He got up with the biggest grin on his face and ran to do it again.  THIS is life at it’s best.

So while I know it’s frustrating to have to change plans, miss work, do the dreaded online learning… take a minute to take in life.  Slow down and make a memory with your children.  Hop on that sled if you were lucky enough to actually get a few snowflakes. Build a fire and play cards. Create your own bakery with your kids and deliver treats to the neighbors. Play a board game. Send a letter to a friend or relative. Collect old coats and blankets to give to those in need.  Above all, find a way to smile and enjoy the slower pace!

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