Summer of Kindness Week 1


Are you looking to make your summer a little more memorable? Why not make this the summer of kindness? Last week, Kids Boost started posting one idea every day to encourage your child to make a difference in the world. They are simple ideas that teach kindness, empathy and generosity.

Here are the daily acts of kindness from week one:

Day 1: Happy Memorial Day! Take a moment and think about the real meaning of Memorial Day. Take out some markers, stickers, poster board, stamps (anything fun you might have) and write a letter to a military hero – past or present. Can’t get it to that person today? No problem! Use social media for good… post it and tag your hero! This will also inspire others! (But then take the time to mail the note or letter to the hero – it’s something that will have a lasting effect)

Day 2: Create dog toys for animal shelters with old t-shirts (or surprise a neighbor puppy with a new toy). Super simple and you can use as many color t-shirts as you want! Just checkout our Facebook or Instagram page for specific instructions and pictures.

Day 3: Have you ever thought about the kids who rely on school lunches throughout the school year and what they do for food over the summer? These kids typically go without or with very little. You can help! Talk to your kids about this and then make a special trip to the store. Let them pick out a few items to donate. Drop them off at a local food pantry or check out Blessings in a Backpack (they are an amazing organization that serves kids throughout Atlanta and beyond).

Day 4: Use your passions and talents to spread smiles! Grab a friend and sing a song, tell jokes or play an instrument. You know who would love to see a performance? A local nursing home or an older neighbor who doesn’t get to see kids often would love a show!

Day 5:  Start collecting something to help others. Here are some things you can collect… socks for the homeless, dog/cat treats for an animal shelter, school supplies for kids in need, party supplies for Kids Boosters, powdered drink packets for the military or peanut butter for food pantries. These are just some ideas but find something that excites you. See how much you can collect from friends and neighbors all summer and then enjoy delivering them to make a HUGE difference! If you need help, just email kristen@kidsboost and we would love to assist you!

Day 6: Grab a piece of chalk and go write a kind message on a neighbors driveway. It’s quick, easy and fun but will inevitably create many smiles!

Day 7: Grab some paper and write positive messages, quotes or simple reminders. Head to a library and randomly put the notes in books for readers to find when they least expect it. This is a great way to spread kindness in an unexpected way!


Please be sure to tag and share any pictures from your summer of kindness! Spread some love, friends!

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