They said I couldn't and I said "Watch Me"

3 days start

“Traditionally, non-profits aren’t started by single moms.”

“Half of new businesses fail.”

“You must have corporate backing to really succeed.”

These are just some of the many things I was told when I started Kids Boost. It was a bit deflating yet somehow it ignited the fire inside me. Every time someone said something like “you just don’t see single moms with no money start a successful business,” I would think to myself “Well, watch me.” I’m not a competitive person by nature but hearing these comments made me want it even more.

So fast forward a few years and I’m still just as passionate about making this crazy dream of mine come true. Mark my words, one day you will see Kids Boost chapters throughout the United States and beyond. It will be just as easy for a 10-year-old to sign up to make a difference in the world as it is to sign up for soccer. Kids won’t be forced to do charity work; they will want to do charity work.  Kids will learn the joys of giving while learning important life lessons. Oh and hey… kids will be funding the wonderful work of nonprofits throughout the country.

But back to reality for now. Kids Boost is a team of 2 (which I must say is double the size of Kids Boost just a year ago).  We have 200 kids on a waiting list to participate.  Yup, that’s 200 kids who are waiting to make a difference in the world. Every month we wonder if we will be able to pay salaries the next month. Every week we have to say the dreaded “no” to people just looking to spread joy. Every single day we get creative about how we can raise another dollar so we can get the next kid started.

I’m not going to lie, it’s exhausting. I will also say that I despise asking for money and admitting I need help. So just typing this is tough. But here’s the thing… I need help. I need money to be able to continue this vision.  The vision is there. The dream is there.  Heck, we even have the kids lined up.  We just need money.

This weekend, I am asking for your help. (I know, I know… some of you have helped me countless times and I am forever grateful).  We need to raise $30,000 in 3 days. (Gulp!)  Once again, I had someone say “I don’t think you can do it. That’s a lot more money than you’ve ever raised at one time.”  And once again, I felt that fire grow a little bigger and a little brighter.  I responded with “watch me!”

So friends, today I am asking for your help. Will you join us on Sunday FUNDay at Monday Night Garage to help us raise money?  If you can’t join us, can you make a donation or become a monthly donor to help us empower more kids?

My prayer is that this time next year, I can once again say that we doubled our staff and quadrupled our impact!

Just watch me!

This was our very first fundraiser as Kids Boost. New logo but same amazing crew helping out!


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