Walk the walk or talk the talk?

Talk the talk

One of the beautiful things about Kids Boost is that we get to talk to kids about meaningful giving. Personally, I have tried to live by the mantra of “walking the walk” and have tried to avoid “talking the talk” too much in my life. However, in a study from Indiana University’s School of Philanthropy, researchers encourage us to “talk the talk” when it comes to talking with our children about giving to charities. The study found that, “Talking about charitable giving is more effective than simply role-modeling charitable behavior.”

We all give to charities in some form or fashion in our lives but are we talking to our kids about how and why we give? Do we even know why we give? The answer to the why question may be as easy as asking the question we ask to each Kids Booster: what makes your heart happy?

The answer to that simple question can reveal a lot about ourselves and what we value most in our lives. My hope is that we are all finding ways to give that align with the passions of our heart, that we share these moments with our kids and to have them follow in our steps of heart-filled giving!

“We ask each of our Kids Boosters, “What makes YOUR heart happy?”
By asking this important question, we give the child the opportunity to speak from their heart.






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