You want me to do what?!?

“I have to actually talk to him? “Why can’t we just text?” “What if they say no?” We’ve all heard the excuses. Heck, we probably are all guilty of speaking them. Why on earth would we actually talk to someone when we could just text? You know, that’s why they created texting… it’s quicker and …

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Mom, I'm bored

“Mom, I’m bored!” Oh the dreaded words.  Bored…. What? How can you possibly be bored? It’s only 7:30 in the morning and the first day of summer! I’m a believer that it’s okay for kids to be bored every once in while.  It allows them to be creative and think outside the box.  However, let’s face it, …

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Helping kids cope through crisis

“I don’t ever want to go back to Disney World” This was my 8 year old’s statement to me as we prepared for bed last night. WHAT?!?   That was random. Why on earth would he not want to go back and where did this come from?  And then it hit me… It wasn’t long ago …

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Up for a challenge?!?

Everyone likes a good challenge, right?!? Well, we have a great one for you. An important one. And one that will impact the world! We are thrilled to introduce you to “The Kids Boost Challenge!” The Kids Boost Challenge is a way for individuals and companies to support Kids Boost while challenging kids to meet …

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Make it your "yes" summer

2015 was my “yes” year.  I challenged myself to say yes to things that scared me.  This was a huge challenge for me… I kinda consider myself a walking ball of anxiety.  You add my lack of athleticism and  horrible coordination (yep, I have been known to sprain an ankle just walking down a driveway), and well it’s …

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The Kids Boost Experience: Through the eyes of a 9 year old

The Kids Boost Experience Written by Caroline (age: 9) With a little help from her mom (age: more than 9)   On Wednesday, March 30th I had a special experience that I would like to share.  I presented a check for $1,020.00 to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter!  I worked with an organization called Kids Boost. …

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Contagious passion

I’ve recently had the privilege of reading through stacks of applications from kids all over Atlanta.    To say I am touched by the compassion of these kids is quite an understatement. Sophia, age 9, writes “helping other people makes me happy.” Caprice, age 15, wants to “help the kids whose parents cannot afford for them …

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This is what Kids Boost is all about

Are you prepared to be amazed and even inspired? Boy, do I have a story for you! So last fall, I met with a spunky 9 year old girl on a mission to raise money for Bert’s Big Adventure.  For those who aren’t familiar, Bert’s Big Adventure is an organization that sends children with chronic …

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What do tattooed nipples have to do with Kids Boost?

So now that I have your attention with the whole tattooed nipple thing… I read an article the other day about a tattoo artist who wanted to use his talent for something good so he now tattoos nipples on breast cancer patients who have recently had a mastectomy.  Amazing, right? Oh and there is this …

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